A digital lock solution that uses face recognition.


VISiBaby is a digital lock system designed to work with suitcases, chests, and cabinets. The lock is driven by "passwords" that use face recognition algorithms. It is written in C and C++ for Raspbian OS (Linux).

The program works in two phases:

1. Training

2. Verifying

A camera module takes the subject's picture to train the application to only accept that subject's face for verification. This picture is saved to hard drive. To open the lock, the application takes a picture of the subject and compares the subject's face to the saved picture. If there is a match, the lock will open. If no faces are detected, the program fails. A feature of the application is that it runs from a LCD touchscreen.


This project is in-development. You can see videos of it in action on my YouTube channel.

I. The Software

Introduction to the operation of VISiBaby's facial recognition software.

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II. Train & Verify

Let's have a friend attempt to trick the facial recognition system!

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