Roughneck Gunfighters

A run-and-gun game that never lets up on the action!


In 3101, gun trading is a core industry in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Super Interglobal Judiciary Committee of Scientific Truth, governed by the despotic Four Mayors, faced pressure to punish the trade of illegal firearms. They enacted law that made gun trading of any kind punishable by death.

To set an example, the Four Mayors arrest and charge Cevo, a young trader from Colony 5, for gun trading. They sentence him to death. But before he can be transported to a prison colony, he escapes and retrieves his atomic raygun. The Four Mayors send their robot army to capture Cevo, but Cevo and his trading partners are prepared for the fight of their lives. They have one goal in mind: freedom.

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Gameplay - Level One

Sneak peek of the main menu and level one of Roughneck Gunfighters!

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Gameplay - Level Two

Can you survive the robot jungle!?

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Gameplay - Level Seven

The Mayors' forces make their last stand against Cevo in his epic tale of escape.

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