A Client/Server Chat Application.


Psychopomp is an open-source chat application. Its purpose is to allow multiple client PCs on a Local Area Network (LAN) to send messages to each other. It is written in C++, using Qt.

The Psychopomp project aims to be customizable and easy to use.


  • Custom username and picture.
  • Typing detection across network
  • Save conversations to file (.html, .txt)

Psychopomp is available for Windows 7/8.1/10 (x64). Get its source code from GitHub.


This chat application is ideal for small businesses that need an easy way to communicate with each other in the office.

Developer's Vlog - 1.2.0

This vlog covers the basic operation of the software as well as information on where to download it.

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Plan & Collaborate

You can easily integrate Psychopomp into your work flow out of the box.

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